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VPNtastic's amazing VPN's features

Full access to all video websites

Most video and movie websites have content that's only available to some countries (like the USA, UK or Canada). With VPNtastic's services you will get full access to those websites.

Some other sites like Netflix(R) offer a bigger movie collection to residents of the US, or restrict content to a specific country, like BBC's player. With our VPN you can select which country you'll use to tunnel your connection and gain access to their content.

Our VPN service allows you to access a wide range of video websites, here's a list of the most frequently requested ones:

Netflix is available in several countries, however the movie and series catalog they offer is different for each country. With our service you'll be able to access Netflix's biggest catalogs (Europe and USA), you can even use your local existing Netflix account (if you have one).

YouTube is the biggest video sharing website worldwide, however a lot of the uploaded videos are only available to some countries (mainly music videos). With a VPNtastic account you'll be able to access al videos without restrictions.

UFC currently offers free access to their shows to German residents, by using VPNtastic, you can select one of our servers in Germany and get access to all UFC's shows completely FREE of charge.

Using a VPNtastic account, you'll be able to access al of Hulu+ (Hulu Plus) movies, as your connection will be detected by Hulu's servers as originated in the USA. There are some special tips we can provide to get a Hulu+ USA account, you'll find these tips in our customer support portal (we don't publish them here to ensure that they'll still work for a while).

Amazon Instant Video
As with Hulu+, we provide the VPN connection and the required steps to get an Amazon Instant Video account so that you can access al their content. We have a full guide in our customer service portal.

We provide everything you need to access Spotify USA from anywhere in the world. Even if you're outside the USA, we will tell you how to get a Spotify account and start enjoying their excellent content.

Vudu has the largest movie collection in HD, including surround sound and thousands of blockbusters. You'll be able to connect to Vudu USA as easy as 1-2-3.

Other video channels


We're constantly detecting new video channels that can be accessed by VPNtastic.

Looking for a corporate VPN?

PushVPN provides private VPNs which allow companies to connect multiple locations, branches or offices and interact as if they were in a local network while adding a secure layer to all data transmissions.


Over 100 Locations

We have servers in over 100 locations, you won't find another VPN provider with a larger footprint.

Accepted payment methods

We accept several payment methods and all of them are processed in real time.