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VPNtastic's amazing VPN's features

Select your location

You don't have to get on a plane to switch locations, with our VPN service, you can connect from the UK now and switch to Panama in just a few seconds.

There are too many reasons to make your connection "local" to some services. We give you freedom to select your location instantly.

How cool would it be to be able to surf website, engage in chats, send emails, etc. all from another country? Is there a website or service that only works for residents of one country? You can do it! All you need is a VPNtastic account, you can switch servers and countries in just a few seconds!

We give you 17 locations on our Standard VPN service and 56 locations in our Premium VPN service to choose from. He have 29 locations that are also available on demand. So there's plenty of locations to choose.

We haven't found another VPN provider with so many locations! That's why VPNtastic is your best option when it comes to VPN services.

Looking for a corporate VPN?

PushVPN provides private VPNs which allow companies to connect multiple locations, branches or offices and interact as if they were in a local network while adding a secure layer to all data transmissions.


Over 100 Locations

We have servers in over 100 locations, you won't find another VPN provider with a larger footprint.

Accepted payment methods

We accept several payment methods and all of them are processed in real time.