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VPNtastic's amazing VPN's features

Enjoy true freedom of surfing

We believe in freedom as a human right, however we know that internet access is limited in some places (like schools, corporate networks, some countries, etc.) so we want you to enjoy true freedom of surfing. By using our VPN services, you can bypass all content filters and enjoy the full Internet.

Sometimes it isn't an external block, but we limit ourselves since we know that most websites and Internet services track IPs (the numeric address used to identify every single device connected to the Internet). We allow you to use such services or visit those sites with full confidence as they will never be able to track your real IP.

Yes we know, you can always delete your browser's history, however are you able to delete website's logs? The only way you could do it would be by becoming a super hacker and hacking into every server that hosts a website or provides a service you use.

Here at VPNtastic we want to show you how simple it is to track someone based on IP address:

Your current IP address is so we know you're browsing this website from
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