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Countries and Locations

Yes... we are global!

We currently have VPN servers in...

United States of America (18 locations) United Kingdom (14 locations) Canada (3 locations)
Chile Panama Germany (8 locations)
France (3 locations) Turkey Italy (2 locations)
Spain (4 locations) Netherlands (7 locations) Belgium
Portugal Switzerland (3 locations) Russia (3 locations)
Luxembourg (2 locations) Ireland Finland
Czech Repubic (3 locations) Sweden (2 locations) Romania (2 locations)
Poland Ukraine Austria (2 locations)
Iceland Estonia Latvia (2 locations)
Norway (2 locations) Australia (3 locations) New Zealand
Singapore (2 locations) Hong Kong (2 locations) Taiwan (2 locations)
India (2 locations) China (2 locations) Isle of Man


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We're adding locations

We are constantly adding new locations as we get servers in more datacenters, so our locations list constantly expands to cover new markets. We run thorough tests in each location to ensure that our customers will enjoy the fastest connectivity, as well as uninterrupted service.

Unlike other VPN providers, we don't rely on VPS running on budget bandwidth networks to get cheap coverage, we pride ourselves on running on top of the line hardware using the best bandwidth providers globally.

Looking for a corporate VPN?

PushVPN provides private VPNs which allow companies to connect multiple locations, branches or offices and interact as if they were in a local network while adding a secure layer to all data transmissions.


Over 100 Locations

We have servers in over 100 locations, you won't find another VPN provider with a larger footprint.

Accepted payment methods

We accept several payment methods and all of them are processed in real time.